Collaborative kaleidoscope.
  • tech:
  • React.js
  • Firebase
  • CSS3 transitions
The Systematic Graphic Generator is a collaborative visualizer. It's built on a React.JS front end with a Express backend connected to Firebase.

It started from curiosity of building C.R.U.D apps with React.js. The first version of this was a simple message board that allowed anonymous messages to be created, updated and destroyed. As soon as I achieved the basic MVP of the capabilities of Reacts powerful UI updating, I wondered what else it could do. I dug into the docs and CSS manipulation through React caught my eye.

I transformed the site by replacing the manipulation of sentences into the manipulation of CSS rules through a simple UI. Creating a collaborative kaleidoscope. When you visit the site and manipulate the graphics, they will save for the next user to discover and manipulate.
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Next Up:
Analog synthesizers.
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