Philip Hunter Bell

Creative Developer



I am Philip Hunter Bell, Creative Developer.

Inspiration is in the process of making.
My method is method. That's the meaning of ProcessProcess.

With my knowledge of creation in a multitute of media, I'm poised to connect code to sensation and help design the digital/physical world.
Systematic Graphic Generator

How can data be visualized? With the enormous amount of information available online, it must be processed visually to be better understood. Most of this information is stored in databases as strings and numbers in objects. How might these strings be be manipulated into visual information? Through injecting them into React render as styles.

This project is a kernel of a generative graphic platform to visualize data, such as weather patterns, or home energy consumption over a billing period.

In it's current iteration it's a platform of experimentation to explore the manipulation of strings and numbers into visualizations through firebase data.
Target Generator

A target game exploration and expiriment with generative elements. The targets generate with random variation in line weight and size.
ARCHIVE - Systematic Graphic Generator Beta

Extremely dirty early expirimentions in CSS animations. Code is repeated to see what is possible with CSS.

These expirements served as a foundation for me to learn Javascript. Now I use JS iterators to generate animations like this, but these early expirments still have a fond spot in my heart so I want to keep them alive .