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Philip Bell
Visual Designer

Hi, I'm Philip, visual method collector and executor.
With 8+ years experience in freelance and agency visual design work, Illustrator and Photoshop are old friends. Text editors, Git and Node are new best pals.

I like to know all methods involved in a project. This curiosity leads to a constantly cultivating range of abilities and skills. If I'm not good at it today, I'm familiar enough to jump in and get my hands dirty.

I'm looking for those who share an unstoppable desire to creatively push themselves and others. Digital or print. I'm ready to jump in.


Digital Design

  • illustrator
  • photoshop
  • inDesign
  • keynote

Web Development

  • javascript ES6
  • responsive design
  • css3

Web Technologies

  • node js
  • a-frame webVR
  • three.js
  • react

Motion Design

  • after effects
  • css animation
  • web svg animation
  • bodymovin

3D Design

  • sketchup
  • makerbot
  • rhino
  • paper engineering